Live, from Cinemark Theatres…

I’m sitting in the movie theater waiting for “Cold Mountain” to start. I’m such a nerd–but I love that with my wireless keyboard connected to my Palm Pilot (which is connected via bluetooth to my cellular phone, which connects me to the internet and my blog) I can actually do this…Isn’t technology amazing? Of course, I’m getting a few weird looks, I’m sure. At least I’m not being annoying talking on a cell phone. Amy just leaned over, gave me a kiss and said, quite sarcastically, “It’s so fun to go out on a date with you, and spend time with you.” Then she read me transcribing her speech, and subsequently elbowed me. Then tried to hit my delete key. I think she’s jealous, so I’d better stop soon, and go back to making fun of the stupid advertisements they play before the previews (which are now also frought with advertisements). Did you know that Rob Lowe, Charlie Sheen, and Sean Penn were all college roomates? And that Diane Lane made her professional debut at age six? Do you even care? If you’re anything like the movie-going masses around me, probably not. Oh, and in Hollywood, when a movie is done shooting it’s “in the can.” These movie trivia facts have been brought to you by Coca Cola and Cinemark Theatres. Well, the movie should start in a few minutes–with any luck, I’ll post a review later on tonight.

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