Summer Pictures

I uploaded the pictures at the smallest resolution possible, so hopefully it won’t take forever to load. If you want to see a more detailed version, click on the image.
Grady at the Window Grady at his favorite hang-out location…the window. He only has three teeth in this picture. [sigh] Those were the days.
Reading with Grandma A visit from Grandma Gayle equals twice the daily quota of books Grady can get away with…
Grady Gets a Bath Rub-a-dub-dub; gotta save this one to show his girlfriend when he’s a teenager!
Walking Around “Look at me! I can walk and hold blocks at the same time. Wanna see me chew gum and pat my tummy?”
The Locke Siblings The Locke siblings (Emily, Joey, Neal, & Jeff). Can you believe we all used to kick each other under the table and make ugly faces when Mom wasn’t looking?
Cessna Airplane Here’s the Cessna airplane I flew, and my sister the Air Force Pilot (who officially wins the prize for “coolest birthday present to big brother”).
Neal Inside Cessna Me at the controls. Scary thought, huh? Especially for those of you who’ve seen me drive.
Cessna Control Panel The yoke in the middle controls pitch (up/down) and roll (tilt left/tilt right). See my feet at the bottom? The pedals control yaw (left/right). So basically, you steer with your hands and your feet at the same time. While keeping your eyes on all the gauges. And on the horizon outside. Birds of the world, be afraid!
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