Old Friends, New Friends

At 6:05 in the morning, I think this is the earliest I’ve ever blogged. That’s what I get for dropping everything I was “supposed” to do last night and watching the “Friends” Finale instead. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m not supposed to be the kind of person swayed by yuppie-television-media-hype-sentimentality. It was a good show though, perhaps because it always stuck to really basic, simple, universal subjects: friendship, love, laughter–throw in a few break-ups, make-ups, weddings, babies, and airports, and I can see why it was successful. That and coming at a crucial developmental time in our (my generation) lives. It started in 1994, when I started college, ran through my own break-ups, make ups, airports, and ends in 2004 as Amy and I are about to welcome our first child into the world. Sound familiar? Something else, too–the first time I ever heard about the show (and perhaps the reason I started watching) was from John Fieghery–one of my “best friends.”


Ok, that’s enough of that. On the bright side, this little community of blogging “friends” is growing at incredible pace. Welcome two new bloggies: Elizabeth and Melissa. May their shows last even longer than ten years…

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