That was “one good weekend.”

1. Finished reading Beowulf vs. Grendel in class. What an awesome job I have, where I get to immerse myself in literature that I love.

2. Later that day performed in the talent show. Once again, I love my job. I get a huge office (with 20 desks), a closet full of toys, endless entertainment, summers off, and every now and then I even get to live out my childhood dream…you know, the whole “rock star” thing. Thanks to all my students who came to see me, you made me feel very special and cool, especially those of you with posters and loud screams…

3. That night, went out with Amy to movies. I just love going to the movies, and to tell the truth, it doesn’t even matter if the movie is great or horrible. It’s just the whole cultural experience. We saw “Mean Girls,” and it was actually pretty funny. And very scary. My first thought afterwards was, “typical, spoiled, rich, white girls,” but then I thought about that for a minute. Nope. Here at un-rich, un-spoiled, un-white Sunset you find the same social heirarchy, the same “clicks,” and the same MEAN GIRLS! Noemi, you may be right about boys being stupid. But girls are mean. Well, all except for my wife, that is [looks over his shoulder in fear]. Still, going to the movies is great. Yay popcorn!

1. Got up early, and finally mowed the four-foot-tall, weed-infested, #%#@# yard! Even though I hate yard-work, it’s still a great feeling when it’s all done, and I don’t have to feel the cold stares of disapproving neighbors on my back (at least for another week).

2. Got new, free laptop from DISD! It’s about time. I’m blogging on it right now. It looks just like my old one, too (the one with a stupid piece of broken plastic that rendered the entire laptop useless). Maybe this one will avoid the fate of its predecessor. It’s good to be mobile again.

3. Finished re-reading Grendel. What a great novel. And in Gardner’s version, the character of Beowulf is *definitely* a Christ-type. I suspected it last time I read the novel, but I’m sure of it now. Grendel, then, of course, represents the depravity of “fallen man.” Puts everything in a whole new light.

4. Avril Lavigne on Saturday Night Live. Ok, fine, yes, I like Avril Lavigne, so just shut up already. She has a great voice, and she makes Britney Spears and Christina Aguillera look like cheap sluts who don’t even have enough talent to play an instrument. She’s original. And her new CD comes out the 25th.

1. Mother’s day, and I’m such a good boy. I sent my mother a card and a book she wanted, AND I got a present for Amy–her very first mother’s day present from me and the baby.

2. Amy’s college roomate and her husband, Ami and Jeff Brown, are driving through Dallas tomorrow (actually since it’s now 1:11am, I guess that’s today), and we’ll get to visit with them. Jeff is a really cool guy, who plays guitar better than I even wish I could, and we don’t get to seem them often enough.

3. Summer approacheth. Life is good.

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