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This Makes Me Sad

It appears (at least in this debate) that some Christians — and their lawyers — are on the side of “information lockdown” and the current draconian copyright regime, while some Atheists are on the side of freedom and sharing of … Continue reading

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New Release!

I’m proud to announce the forthcoming release of Baby Locke 2.0 (Beta)*. Baby Locke 2.0 will undoubtedly reflect features yet to be seen in previous releases, but by far the most exciting one we can announce for sure is the … Continue reading

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This is for you, Bettina

(and any other copyright hawks still reading)

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I Know What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I Just finished reading Eric S. Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar. If you’re unfamiliar with this work, it’s not (despite the title) anything about theology. It’s actually the seminal text on the history and rationale behind the open source … Continue reading

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A Few Simple Questions

In Open-Source culture, taking someone’s programming code and modifying it to suit one’s own needs and purposes is not considered theft, but rather a compliment of the highest order. To that end, I’m taking a page from the blog of … Continue reading

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Today’s viewing entertainment has been brought to you by Novell. I’m not a huge fan of SUSE Linux (Novell’s product) but we’re all on the same team, right? (I’ve been happily using edubuntu Linux for almost two months now). But … Continue reading

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Mr. Locke’s Classroom goes “Open”

I had a long talk with a friend today about traditional security vs. “soft security” (the kind of security practiced by Wikipedia, among others). It’s time to start practicing what I preach. This is my blog. It will always be, … Continue reading

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