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Grady-Daddy Camping Trip

1039100110211016 This past weekend, Grady and I left suburbia behind for our first-ever-Daddy-and-Grady-camping-trip. We both thought it was pretty cool. The original plan had been to camp at one of several campgrounds near one of the many lakes in the … Continue reading

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Amazing New Technology From Microsoft

This is pretty incredible — I’m impressed with how easy it is to use this voice recognition tool that comes standard with Vista. Maybe someday Linux will catch up… (oh, you have to watch at least two or three minutes … Continue reading

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Pink Alligators on the Ceiling

When Grady wakes up earlier than we’d like, we sometimes bring him back to our room to sleep with us for awhile. Of course, he’s never once gone back to sleep, so we generally take turns reading books to him … Continue reading

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My New Alma Mater

In the car on the way home from church, as my wife is listening to Car Talk on National Public Radio… Grady: Mommy…is that N-P-R? Amy: Yes, Grady. Grady: NPR is Daddy’s college. Amy: No, Daddy’s college is O-R-U. Grady: … Continue reading

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No, Daddy, I am NOT a contrarian!

[6:30am in Austin, Tx. over Thanksgiving holiday] Grady: [crying loudly from his makeshift room] Mommy!!! Daddy!!! Daddy: [stumbling half-awake into Grady’s room] It’s not time to wake up yet, Grady. Grady: Yes, it IS time to wake up! Daddy: Ugggh! … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to “All of Them…”

We no longer have a fireplace. It’s now a stage. Wait for the grand finale…

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Lrds Pr4yr

Think this could catch on at Faithbridge? dad@hvn,ur spshl. we want wot u want &urth2b like hvn. giv us food&4giv r sins lyk we 4giv uvaz. don’t test us!save us! bcos we kno ur boss, ur tuf&ur cool 4 eva!ok? … Continue reading

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