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Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi…and a Few Good Books

We’re on the road again, headed to Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. It’s the last of the three Seminaries I’m applying to that we have yet to visit. I’m blogging from our hotel room in Jackson, Mississippi. As a … Continue reading

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Space Academy (an abandoned novel)

For the first time in several months I was able to make it to my writer’s group tonight, and was thus inspired to dust off an old project. I began writing Space Academy almost four years ago — taking some … Continue reading

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Lost & Steinbeck

When ABC’s Lost first reared it’s head a couple of seasons ago, I didn’t notice. Or if I did, I thought, “Hmm…Survivor without the reality part I like so much.” But eventually the combination of deserted island (which I’m a … Continue reading

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Hold thy desperate hand–Art thou a man?

Ok, my two and a half remaining readers have been bugging me, so here’s the news: I got the part of Friar Laurence, and have been very busy with rehearsals (every weeknight from 7 to 9). Fortunately, I’ve had about … Continue reading

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Something New…

For the past five years, I’ve taught Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet–and loved it very much. Right around this time of year, I think my freshmen would have recently finished their “Romeo & Juliet Projects,” in which various students re-enacted scenes … Continue reading

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It’s been a month, so…

The picture is of our son, Grady, and the distinguished gentleman for whom he is named, Dr. Grady J. Walker. We made the trip up to Tulsa a few weeks back, I just haven’t had a chance to post any … Continue reading

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Breaking a Leg…

I had the honor of watching the first Romeo & Juliet Performance Projects today. Several were very good, a few were hard to watch, but all were worth the while…Among my favorite moments were: Daisy and Joe with a “cool, … Continue reading

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