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Folk Song #4: Poorest Man

This is the last (for now) in my series of recently-written songs, an attempt to take my style more intentionally in the direction of simplistic and socially-conscious folk music. I should mention that this particular song seems to get the … Continue reading

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Folk Song #3: Imperfect Love Song

When I was a hormonal teenager, love songs were pretty much all I wrote. When I look back on them now (or worse, listen to them) I’m struck by how grandiose (but shallow) they seem, and how I spoke of … Continue reading

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Folk Song#2: Golden Door

This song is the first I wrote in my “folk series” — the one that started everything off, and it is, not suprisingly, the topic about which I am the most passionate. I have to give credit where it’s due, … Continue reading

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Folk Song #1: Why Can’t You Be Like Me?

I said a month ago that I’d start posting some of the songs I’ve been writing, so I’m finally getting around to it. This isn’t the first one I wrote, but it’s one of my favorites so far. Download MP3 … Continue reading

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How the Music Came Back

In high school, I wrote about two or three songs each month, mostly melodramatic love songs and nineties-pop songs . In college, I slowed to about two or three songs a year. After college and for most of the last … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to “All of Them…”

We no longer have a fireplace. It’s now a stage. Wait for the grand finale…

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Of Mice, Men, Scottish Poets, Doctors, and Switchfoot

My apologies for the long delay in updating the good ol’ blog–please bear with me as I learn to divide my time between family, school, and the blogosphere… For my freshmen, I finally updated the English One Page to include … Continue reading

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